audioquest gibralter speaker cables

I have vandersteen audio 5A speakers and a modded denon 3910 dvd player. I have them biwired with audioquest bedrock speaker cables. I would think that getting a pair of audioquest gibralter double biwire cables would be a nice upgrade, but I have read some reviews that said the gibralters were a little on the warm side. I have the dvd player hooked up to a lessloss power cord and that took a lot of harshness out of my system, do you guys think that the gibralter cables would be to warm or would it be a good match, I would audition them but that is not an option. I would appreciate any comments of those with experience with this cable, thanks
One of my favorite cables, without going overboard on price, is the Audioquest Slate. I haven't tried the Gibralter but the point I would make is buy used and resell if they don't suit you. Over the past few years I have tried so many different cables I honestly couldn't name them all. I don't believ I've ever lost more than 10% on used cable resell.
Right now I'm using a pair of Kimber Kable 8VS biwired. My Slate is too short so I'll keep my eyes open for a used pair in a suitable length.
I think a lot depends on your speakers (and components). I have the Gibraltars connected to my B&W 803D mains and HTM2D center and they are not warm at all...perhpas that is due to the B&W's being a bit forward (but not so with the diamond tweeters).

I also tried them with a HTM3S center with an aluminum tweeter and they were too bright if anything.

The CV-8 is slightly warm but I wouldn't characterize the Gibtraltars as a warm speaker cable at least in my system.
Listen to the Gibraltars on Quatros using Arye I did not think it was warm.
I have 3A sigs & 2Wq subs. recently I auditioned double biwire Mont Blanc and double biwire Volcano. The Volcano is a much fuller sound, the difference with human voice and detail is worlds apart. A used set of biwire volcanos would do the 5A's justice! If that is too much $ a full range set with jumpers will still blow the others out!
Kedoades, sorry I read Gibralters and thought Mont Blanc! IMHO you should at least get Mont Blanc for the 5A's they have the same sound characteristic as the Volcano.