Audioquest FLX/Slip speaker cables - a scam?

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I recently purchased a pair of FLX/SLIP 14/4 from Future shop and have run them in for over 50 hours.

Before that, I used to use a pair of Audio-Technica OFC speaker cables purchased from a chain electronic shop's hifi department, which cost me about 10USD (one pair of 2 meters). I used them as a temporary while watching out for good deals out there.

Obviously, the Audioquest cables are a few times more expensive than my previous ones. Based on price difference and the raving reviews from people on various forums , esp the recommendations from WHAT HIFI, I had a great hope that they would bring significant improvement to my system.

Arriving in my place directly from The FutureShop, at first use, I noticed immediate improvement in detail, imaging and stage. Yet, the sound was dull, lifeless, the dynamic is gone! So I thought maybe they just need some time to run in. After 50 hours + of running in, they sound pretty much the same- dull, veiled, lifeless, lack of dynamic!

I feel being cheated. Anyone has an experience with Flx Slip please give me advice. Should I go back to my previous cables, though very cheap, sound much more lively and dynamic?


My hifi equipment:

CD player: Kenwood R-k711 CD receiver
Pre amp: Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid
Power amp: Aragon 4004 MkII
Speakers: KEF C30

Interconnects: Audioquest King Cobra
Chris, swallow hard and trust me on this. Many, many cables take 250 hours of continuous signal running through them to fully settle and open up.

As hard as this is to believe, and I most certainly know that a lot of people think it hogwash, it never-the-less is real.

Your cables may or may not end up being to your liking, but give them a week or so of constant juice before making any judgements.

I've had cables go from heavy and completely lifeless to thin and splashy, back to heavy and muddy, open up a little, then a lot, but without focus, back to muddy, then awesome bass but no sparkle up top, to wide open and glorious. All within the first couple of hundred hours.

You'll start getting close to their final sound when the focus becomes more consistent and the imgaging begins taking well placed shape.

Audioquest is the real deal and I've run many of their cables over the years. They'll show up after a couple of hundred hours and then you'll know if they compliment your gear or not.