Audioquest Fire or Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4

Anybody own/have owned either of these interconnects? 
A couple people recommended the AQ Fires and another person recommended the Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 4 interconnects.

I am running solid state equipment: Mark Levinson No. 20.6 amps and No. 26S preamp. My signal source is an Esoteric K-01X. Speakers are B&W 801 Matrix Series 3 with AQ Dragon bi-wire speaker cables.

I have been using using Madrigal HPC (helical planar copper) XLR interconnects for the past 24 years.
I have been told by some people that there is definitely better sounding interconnects than what I have been running.
Any good advice,recommendations?
My two cents...I went from Wireworld Platinum XLR to Audioquest Fire. Cables are system dependent. The overall signature of my system is neutral to the very slightly dark side. The Fire is more detailed, without being bright which was good for my system. I don't think it's about better, but what works best in your system. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to get a loaner and hear them in your system.
Big Fire fan here. Great musicality provided due to reproduction of fine detail in a very smooth and transparent manner. I can’t imagine where they wouldn’t work. First cable that doesn’t  have me thinking about the next.Very good stuff.
I am considering trying a Fire IC RCA.

I have a full loom Kubala-Sosna Emotion SC, IC and AC's but just added a Rega P8 Turntable/Apheta 2 cart and a Sutherland Duo phonostage and I need an IC to go from my new phono to preamp. Would you recommend the Fire IC? Thank you for the time. 
AQ Dragon bi-wire, you come from the past I guess? I owned both Dragon and Dragon+ loudspeakercable in the past. We are Audioquest dealer and they made great improvements in the last few years.

I know the dna and differences of most Audioquest cables. Each manufacturer in cables create different cables with different dna.

I have done thousands of tests with cables in over 20 years of time. I own and use Wel Signature and Wild Blue Yonder interconnect sets. The Fire uses different silver.

You need to be carefull with it. There are some loudspeakers and also amps and sources who can get a little too analytical in the high freq. I also adviced you to listen to the Earth. It is my favorite AQ interconnect.

I did win many shootouts with the Earth against interconnects of well known brands who costs 3 times as much as the Earth cables. The Wild and Well own a more involving mid freq .sound compared to the Fire.

The Fire can be great when your system has no problem with the extreme open high freq. sound of the Fire.

The Synergystic Research cables are what I call emphasises cables. The are a lot less linear than AQ is.