Audioquest Earth interconnect review

I would also like to offer my own review of the Audioquest Earth interconnects on this forum.

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I picked up my Earth interconnects (with XLR terminations) approximately 6 months ago. Some of my equipment has changed since then but the Earths were to replace/upgrade from my AQ Colorado RCA interconnects and that's what I will be comparing them to.

Currently the Earth's are installed between my DAC and my Preamp and (for me) that is where they sound the best based on some A/B testing.

IMHO, they are fantastic cables. Audioquest has successfully produced another quality product and they certainly did not disappoint. The Earths definitely performed better than the Colorados and are intended to replace them in their product lineup as their highest quality copper interconnect.

Compared to the Colorado's they are much quieter. That can be partly attributed to the Earths being balanced (vs my single ended Colorados) but also because of the extra shielding. Very clean and coherent with an open and airy sound stage. Bright, detailed highs. Silky midrange and wonderful bass extension.

The Colorado's are still excellent cables as well. Some of the best that AQ has produced and in fact I still use them elsewhere in my system.

If I could find a particular fault in the Earth interconnects it would have to be that they are quite a lot more stiff and harder to work with than previous AQ interconnects. This is likely due to the additional shielding and insulation. The XLR plugs also use a 2 part design and can come unscrewed relatively easily.

Otherwise, I am confident that the Earths would make a great addition to nearly any system. I hope this review helps others in their future purchasing decisions!
I am using* three 10m Earth interconnects for connection
between my AR MP1 and B&W 800D2s. My findings mirror yours
including the issues with the XLRs.

*Actually, not right now because the whole system is down
for room renovations.
Old timers like me who remember the Sunday New York Times classified ads for hi-end equipment always observed the rule that AR=Acoustic Research and ARC=Audio Research Corp.
I know that Acoustic Research is defunct but following the Old Gray Lady's style is a tradition worth preserving.
I understand but there are so many ambiguities in acronym meanings that, after years of following what you state, I have now adopted current usage.
Just happened upon this old thread and I have to agree with theduke - if you are old enough to have owned an AR turntable, then AR will not register to you as Audio Research Corp. 

Replaced Audioquest Yukon betweeen pre-amp and amp with Earth. (See my profile for system description.) Remarkable improvement in sound. Just more music: more edges, more texture, more palpable. All on a bigger sound stage.