Audioquest Eagle Eye Digital Cable - What Next

I have not bene in the cable hunt for a long time.  In a previous post I mentioned that a local dealer gave me an Audioquest Eagle Eye digital cable.  It actually sounds pretty good.  I am not usually a fan of silver cables (I think it is a silver cable) but it worked pretty good.  So what would be a step up?  I heard the Siltech digital cable I think classis series at the dealer and that had a very nice sound but I am not in the market to spend $1K on a cable.  Many of you know that I build my own components so I can adjust the sound any way I like it to be.  The digital cable just added a little extra.  Prior to that I was using an Adcom copper interconnect as a digital cable with pretty good results.  The Audioquest was just a little smoother overall and slightly more laid back.  I have not really gone back and forth to compare but the Adcom is not a digital cable although it has better a few known cables in my system.  Go figure.

Thanks in advance.
Model?  Price?  What have you tried?  What do you like about the cable?  
  Snake River Boomslang. Check it out in the Audiogon discussion archives. Here’s a pre-owned one.

Thanks but the snake is BNC I use RCA I know I can use a converter plug

As you seem to like the sound of the AQ eagle eye you could go up in the line. I’ve owned the same cable and found that the Wild was the sweet spot in terms of value for performance but that would run you about $700-900 used. I’d also look into Chris Sommovigo’s Black Cat Cables, great value for performance. Finally don’t worry about it having a BNC termination and using an adaptor, certainly better than going the other way (ie adapting BNC to RCA). Finally do try a transparent cable if you get the chance, a sweeter and more analog sound perhaps but it may be what you are after. 
Thanks for the replies.