Audioquest Diamond X3 Cable spotters ?

I just got a new audioquest cable. I was under the impression it was a diamond x3. Problem is that it has no model id markings on it whatsoever. It has well finished silver xlr connectors with AQ written in white or red on the connectors. They are waco brand connectors. The jacket is uniform dark blue. You can see a thin wire is spiraled under the jacket. It sounds good - it sounds a little better than an RCA nordost red dawn. What is this thing ?
you must look closely under varying light conditions for the label. Older Audioquest cables were printed with almost monochromatic ink, so that it was sometimes hard to read the labels even when brand new. Get some bright light, get up close, and search dilligently. You might find a label, or at least part of one. I have a pair of the last run of the Diamondx3 RCA, and it was a medium grey cable with dark grey RCA connectors with silver contacts and center pin. THe XLRs you describe match the XLR connectors pictured on my Diamondx3 box.
I have Aq Diamond X3's and X2's. Neither is dark blue. My X3 looks as described above, my X2 is very dark grey wiht sort of a brownish tinge. Both jackets are market appropriately, thoug tough to read on the X2. The only blue-jacketed Aq I own is a pair of Lapis X3.
I don't know what you have, but my AQ Diamond x3 RCA is dark gray, almost black.... My AQ Diamond Extreme XLR is pewter gray. Both are labeled appropriately.
It sounds like you have lapis3 to me. I have lapis 3 and it sounds very much like what you are describing to me.You must look under a lamp very closely to see the printing. Good luck!
Hey thanks for all the help! Plus 2's for all !

I contacted the dealer and explained this wasn't the cable I had thought it was. It was advertised as an 'X3' which I thought only applied to the diamond. He paypal refunded my money right away & I am mailing the cable back. I want an X3 Diamond to match my hipass crossover's dogleg which is x3 diamond.

By the way, I found the writing using a magnifying glass. It's only about 1 millimeter high, and written in blue ink on a blue cable ! You do have to hold it up in the light. I can't believe that they write the model indicators in such illegible ink.

This dealer is audiogon id 'pekr1999', and he's got my business from now on. Good guy!