Audioquest Diamond Toslink

Has anyone had any experience with this cable?
Is it better than VdH The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II, Transparent High Performance Toslink or Nordost Whitelight Toslink?
Thank you in advance for any feedback.
I have a Vodka and prefer it over a Monster that it replaced it. It's clear as a bell-I'm running it out of a TV into a DAC.
Thank you Mjmch3003.
Any Audioquest Diamond users feedback, please?
I have an interest in using AQ Vodka from our Meridian HD621 to our Meridian 861v6.

The HD621 separates the video signal, processes the audio signal and sends it to our 861 via an Ethernet cable.

Meridian's flat Ethernet cable made a significant improvement over a standard round Ethernet cable and I was wondering how the silver cladded AQ Vodka would sound.

Anyone with any experience with this cable? When replying, if possible - please let us know your system and what the cable is used for (dedicated stereo or multi-channel systems).

Thanks for any experience offered,
I have Vodka HDMI and Toslink cables. For comparison sake, I also have a Nordost Valhalla running out of a transport into the same dac that the Vodkas are sending a signal to.

Roku w/Spotify--->Vodka HDMI-->TV--Vodka Optical-->DAC

The video is superb. The audio is fantastic.

Granted, my source is not an MBL CD player...I find the Vodka nearly as good as the Valhalla in this application, with slightly less "air."

I bought an audio/video splitter (something like your Meridian, but for $50 bucks), and didn't find it to sound any better/worse than re-routing the audio through the TVs optical out-so I pulled it out of the setup.

I've changed a lot of stuff around lately, have no desire to change the Vodka.