Audioquest Diamond interconnects

Ive had several of these for years and am wondering how competitive they are to today's Audioquest offerings. So, anyone with direct experience have a feel for where in the current line I'd have to start with to exceed the level I've now got with the Diamonds??

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I had AQ Diamonds interconnects awhile back ( x2 )..Used them on tube equipment and can only give you my feelings on what my system sounded like to me and what I moved onto...I found I actually liked the Lapis x3 better than Diamond 2 ( had both at the same time ) ..I found that the Diamond had an edge to it that I didn't like..Lapis had less edge than the Diamond so I kept the Lapis for a longer time..I eventually went to Ridge Street Audio ( I think it was the RSA ref i/c ) a less costly i/c at that time .I found the Ridge Street RSA interconnect had all the detail,air and musicality of the Lapis or Diamond "without" the nasties that the AQ ( both ) interconnects had..I would assume under the right conditions the AQ interconnects would work fine,but for my ears and application at the time I couldn't tolerate the hard edge..I have since moved up the Ridge Street Audio line and am very happy.......