Audioquest Diamond HDMI Cable

Just chanced upon it while looking for dealers of WEL line on needledoctor dot com. I have the HDMI 3's which I thought were AQ's top HDMI cable.

Couldn't find any reviews on them, but they are built with PSS.

Anyone have any info?

My audio distributor sent me an email yesterday and told me he would loan me the new Diamond to compare it to the HDMI 3 I currently have. I think I will take him up on the offer.

Masongsong - Were you able to try out the cable? If so, what did you think?

I just received my 1m diamond HDMI cable last week. It took SEVEN months!! No joke. But it was well worth the wait. The cable is amazing. My dealer lent me a cheap hdmi cable to use between my blu ray player and Integra 80.1 pre pro while i waited for the diamond so its an unfair comparison between the two. My good friend was the manager at the dealer i purchased the cable through and he told me the delay was because audioquest wanted this cable to be perfect before they released it. Audioquest also told him my cable was one of the very first diamond orders they had so I don't know how true that is but considering the seven month wait it kind of makes sense. Anyway, I watched a couple movies with the cable in my system and its amazing how much layering there is and how much my surrounds have come to life. The depth of the soundstage has really increased and for a silver cable the bass is amazing. The picture quality has improved too. I've notice more depth on my Pioneer Elite Kuro. The pq improvements are not as dramatic as the sound quality upgrade but still there. Hope this helps.