Audioquest Dialectric-Bias System

Has anybody tried this? AQ has rigged some of the mid-line cables with batteries! Just wondering.
At the same time, has anyone explored the DIY possibilities of the same design? Looks like a no-brainer to me.
tried Jaguar on various hi-end systems.Works wonderfully, better compared to previous diamondback, coral and python.
Very lively and classy, different sonic signature than usual AQ ICs with their sometimes nice but typical low medium blossom. Jaguar is more on the balance side.
Note that break-in is required - dont believe ads ;)
This is nothing new. Demian Martin holds a patent on this, by the way.
I recently upgraded from AQ Clear to the AQ Volcano with the battery bias. It has a 24 volt battery connected to a new central lead and one other wire (not sure which). The theory is that the field generated by this potential will keep the dialectrics formed and they won't begin to revert back to their natural condition when not being played. This same idea is being used by Vandersteen in his 5 and 5a crossovers, where there is a 9 volt battery.

I think they are both on to something. Since the upgrade, the system is ready to listen to almost immediately, whereas before it took an hour or two before it was really sounding great.

I am surprised that this advance has not been recognized on this forum and discussed. Thanks for bringing it up. I am anxious to know what others have experienced.
Why can't you accomplish the same thing by misadjustment of the amp bias? Also, batteries have rather high internal resistance.
Vandersteen Fives have a nine volt battery?
Pbb, I should have been more precise. The Model 5 and 5a uses a "high pass filter" between the pre and amp. This filter is the device that has the 9 volt battery which I believe is used in the same manner as AQ does.

Maybe others could shed more light on this?
Zargon btw what is your appreciation of this new volcano ?
My guess is that it is the same cable as before with the battery bias added.

I was looking for a cable that would least affect the sound to the speakers. I wanted a neutral, highly defined sound with good clean highs and solid tight base. Granted, it is difficult to know exactly what the original sound is, but you can still compare cables and sort out the offenders. Since I didn't like the all silver cables, and I liked the AQ sound, I ended up with the Volcano. Also, I was intrigued with the idea of a cable that would stay broken in and as far as I can tell, this one does.
I have a 6ft pair of Mont Blanc home for audition. Have burned it in fully. What I can say is this cable has the lowest distortion I have ever heard in my system. It is a revelation- the sound is so detailed yet not bright. Seams to have almost no weakness. I'm very close to ordering up a pair. I tried the cables w/out the battery attached allowing for several days of discharge. Sounds quiet ordinary this way. I have a very high resolution system and when connected the battery back-- and carefully listened under controlled conditions. The effects are evident Immeditely- much fuller sounding and involving. After 2 days hooked back-up the cables took on a smoother sound. DBS is for real IMO. I have no desire to bust my hump any longer cable rolling- Mont Blanc is the real thing. Once you hear the distortion free highs- NOTHING else will do.
Uh-oh- we have a problem here- on day number 9. Cables need no burn in???- not. Well the high's are still distortion free but-- they are MIA. The cable sounds absolutely muted to the point of a complete loss of soundstaging. They are out of the running at this point.
Any update for us Reb? Have your highs returned?
Reb1208, maybe your ears were MIA that day?
Zargon, what about your DBS Volcano ? muted or still in good shape ? Let us know...
After some weeks using them, would you say this one worth its price ?
(i'm currently hesitating to update my Slate to Mont Blanc or Volcano). Thanks for any input :)
My Volcano is great and I am quite pleased. Reb1208 is the one who had the Monte Blanc for audition that had the highs MIA after day 9. Maybe he can give us an update?
They never did open up on my system in the way that stranded designs have done for me. I passed them back to my friend that has quads. He also is not thrilled with their soundstage and hf presentation. Desribes them as recessed. Much of this is very dependent on your speaker and amplifier. I use ss and dynamic speakers, he is using tubes and quads. Yet we both have the same basic conclusion upon listening after a few hundred hours burn in. I will try some Tara labs to see if another solid core copper cable acts the same way in my system. Zargon- isn't the volcano a solid core silver cable?
Reb1208 - the Volcano is not silver, it is multiple different sized strands of solid copper. It is the highest in the AQ line before the Everest which is silver. I certainly do not understand what happened in your situation. It is not consistent with my experience at all. Well, I guess that is what makes this hobby so interesting.
Actually, I use the Kilimanjaro which is the cable before Everest. It's a silver cable and smaller than the Volcano or Everest. Very open sounding and no problems with highs at all.
"stereofile product of the year"
I would like to mention that the Vandersteen model 5's also use 9 volt batteries in the crossover, as well as the high pass filter.
3 in the crossover, 1 in the high pass filter

Interesting remarks regarding the DBS system. I used to use AudioQuest exclusively and tried the DBS version of the Volcano versus my regular Volcano when it was first released. I was using Anaconda interconnect and was just not thrilled with the results. I then auditioned the Audience Au24 in comparison and was imediately impressed with the clarity and ease my system gained over both versions of the Volcano.

I think the AQ might have sounded a little more dynamic and larger but at times it seemed to be too much and strained at times. Anyway, I then converted my whole system and have not looked back. Anyway, I am not bashing the AQ as I view everything as being system dependant but I personally think they have missed the mark converting their whole line to this design. Just my oppinion, for DBS money, you can try a lot of different high end cables that do a lot of things better than the AQ DBS. Sorry Bill..
I believe that AQ is now going to higher battery voltages in the bias system. The are putting 2 - 24v batteries on each cable instead of one. If you bought the earlier version, you can get an upgrade to add another battery.
Makes you wonder why they didn't wait until they got the balance right? I hate it when products are released pre-maturely and then revisions start coming. Pretty soon, you have a completely different product..

This is interesting. Audioquest has now doubled the voltage of the IC's. Jaguar - Cheetah moves to 24v, Sky moves to 48v. Anyone have an opinion on this?

I've heard the 12v Jaguar and Panther and felt the Panther was the equal of the Anaconda in some areas and perhaps slightly better in other areas (faster/clearer transients).

Has anyone spoke with the boys at Audioquest about this change or has anyone actually compared the change vs. the older 12v bias?

It almost feels like Audioquest has read this thread! heheh