Audioquest DBS System

I have been thinking about trying out some of the Audioquest Columbia xlrs for my CD player. To those you have the Dbs system in your cables- How long do the batteries last, and when or if they die do you have to buy a whole new battery Pack? if so how much is the replacement packs? Thanks
How do you know when the batteries die? ;-)

I am pretty sure there is a testing device on the pack itself.
there is a test button on the DBS housing. I beleive the batteries are user replacable.
I meant audibly. I have been using DBS cables for years but the difference between them and the non-DBS was insignificant to begin with. Never bother to check.

The only way to tell if the batteries need replacing is to use the tester on the battery back. Of course if you do use the tester and the light is not a bright green but a faint flicker then you should check the connections and perhaps change the batteries. Good luck trying to find 15 A23 batteries at one time.
My point was that, if I could not hear a difference, why would I care?

1. Push the button on each battery pack: if green light comes on,
you are good; if not, replace the battery (not the whole pack, just the battery).
2. Supposedly the batteries will last "years."
I have a pair of Jaguar XLRs 1m with the 24V DBS. They still have plenty of power and I had them for years! By the way, if you are interested I am planing an upgrade and would be willing to part with them. I would make you a good deal.
Does the DBS system turn on automatically or do I have to manually turn them on?
batteries are available on amazon, of course
I've used Columbia RCAs for the past three years or so and never had to change the batteries; I do check them occasionally.  There is nothing you need to do to turn the DBS "on"; if the batteries aren't dead, it's working.
Mine just died after probably 5 years or so, easy replacement.