AudioQuest DBS jacks and DBS cables? What size?

I tried to measure the TS plug on my AQ Yosemite cables with micrometer (the cable/plug connected to cable's dielectric) and it came out to ~2.38mm. Is this actually just a 2.5mm mono plug or some proprietary plug? I have heard that running two DBS packs to your cables can actually increase fidelity and am wondering how difficult it would be to do this to a cable with only a single DBS dedicated jack. I know the Cheetah's used to have a y-split cable for their DBS cable allowing you to plug in two 12V DBS packs and people had upgraded to double 72V DBS packs and noted a significant jump in sound quality. Is it possible to create some kind of adapter cable for AQ cables to allow two to be connected in series (or parallel, not sure how this all works)? Anyone know and have specifics on how to go about doing this?


I have older Sky ICs and Mont Blanc speaker cables, When I upgrade them to 72v back in the day AQ just gave me a Y adapter to connect to the second pack. I say call AQ and just order the Y adapter and second pack.

Ty, mktracy. I contacted AQ and they said "Unfortunately, you can’t use a splitter as each DBS unit needs its own circuit inside the cable." Not sure why they've changed their tune, but they don't wanna sell me a splitter for double 72V DBS packs. It's okay, I ended up purchasing a pair of Sky's that have the 72V DBS's with RF-noise traps. I was mainly wanting to upgrade for that, but figured I could repurpose the older 72V DBS packs to increase voltage on the dielectric simultaneously. I guess I should just be happy with 72V. 

Thanks again for your response.

@khbaur330162 your welcome. I dont know why they changed either,but glad to hear you got some new Sky's. They are a great IC and I love mine.