Audioquest DBS Carbon - How to change battery

Wondering if anyone can advise on how to access the batteries for replacement on the AQ DBS unit.  Frustrating but can’t find any directions or instructions from AQ’s site.  The unit seems to be completely sealed.  
From somewhere in cyberspace

On older DBS packs there’s a “door” on the back of the pack. Slide the “door” open to access the batteries. On newer DBS packs (with the matte finish) there’s a small Phillips head screw on the bottom cap. Remove the screw and the cap to access the batteries.

Thank you Geoff.  Unfortunately this is the newest version with the hard non matte shell. No sliding door or screw.  
You can pop the bottom open, if I remember correctly it’s easier front to back.  I think it clips inside.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need to change the batteries?  The Carbon packs are a year or so old and the batteries last a long time.  It could be bad DBS pack.  

The AQ support team is awesome, you can always give them a call as well.
Thanks eziggy.  I talked to them yesterday and they sent me a video.  You are absolutely right that it just pops off.  You hold in your hand with skinny side facing you and pop top off with your thumb.  I ordered brand new Diamond Ethernet cable and the DBS Carbon pack did not light up right out of the box.  They will send a replacement pack to me.  
Awesome!  Glad it worked out, AQ has amazing support.