Audioquest CV-6 or Monster M2.2

I currently have the monster M2.2 as my speaker wires and someone recommended me the AQ CV-6. Are they substantially better than the monsters?
I just upgraded my interconnects from Monster M1000i to AQ Panthers to AQ Cheetahs DBS and the Cheetahs provided a hugh improvement on my system. Yes, the Cheetahs are substantially better than the Panthers. My whole system is at a different level right now in terms of transparency, detail, distortion and imaging (and yet neutral). I'm really happy about the Cheetahs.
I was considering the AQ Mont Blanc but they are very costly. If they are considerably better than the CV-6, I might consider them.
If you love the new sound of your AQ silver-conductor interconnects, you should consider the KE-6 speakercable. It uses 4 (not 3) pairs of Perfect-Surface Silver conductors in 4 different sizes and the DBS. I use that (with LOTS-less-expensive interconnects) driving my full-range Quad 989s and love it.
KE-6 is an excellent cable by any measure, but it is also much more expensive than Mont Blanc. I would suggest listening to KE-4, which IMO is MUCH better than both Mont Blanc and Volcano (which I owned), and only slightly inferior to KE-6, at half the price.
Finally! Only thread Ive seen with any mention of AQ "KE" series speaker cables. Havnt heard them myself, Elberoth2, what do like about KE-4 vs. Mont Blanc and Volcano. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
don't mean to steal your discussion here, but would appreciate if you tell me how much of an improvement the Panther was over M1000I. thanks
A-1, I auditioned some AQ and Monster ICs last year--see for details. (Also see for more opinions on AQ ICs.)

The one characteristic of M1000i I heard was its softness--it simply reduced the amount of info coming thru. For example, a beaded cymbal didn't buzz enough, and the richness and complexity of about 2-dozen violins playing together was missing to a small extent.

Do understand that I'm no GEA, but these differences I heard repeatedly. Panther is great-sounding cable, and I expect those with better hearing than mine would be able to distinguish it from the also-fine-sounding Jaguar.
Morgan, I use KE-6(8) and KE-4 in my system. When I was using a 2-way speaker, I biwired with that, using KE-4 on the treble. Compared with other good-but-not-current speakercables I had to audition, I found both of these to be much-smoother sounding than the others, including AQ mixed-copper-and-silver stuff from the prior generation. NEVER did I find any silver-conductor cable to be bright sounding--in fact, it was the quality of the KE-4's treble that caused me to buy it. I now use it in parallel with the KE-6(8) driving my Quad 989s.

If one is driving a low-impedance and/or insensitive speaker, probably KE-6(8) is a better choice, as its net AWG of 12.1 will carry more current easily and better maintain bass-damping factor compared with KE-4's 14.5g, but other than that, it's great.

Where are you? (I'm in AZ.) I might have some pieces you could listen to.
Jeffreybehr, thanks a lot. so I assume that Jaguar or Panther, either one of them, is a step up from M1000I. I checked out the links, thanks again.