Audioquest custom made triple weave design power cable (Storm Series).

Hi everyone,
I am interested in having my own customized Audioquest power cable build based of their new power line Storm series, which can be found here:

The reason being the new line is out of my budget AND I am very interested in how a tailor made Audioquest applied with my own ideas will sound.

The idea:

• Use Audioquest NRG 4 cable, which can be bought in bulk:

• Dissecting the NRG 4 cable into three different wire parts: neutral, live, earth.

• Add multiple layers of shieldings per wire part: carbon fibre, copper braided sleeve, carbon fibre sleeve.

• Twist the three shielded wire parts in a geometry as the new Audioquest cable above, also have a look at: and!/Level-3-Reference-Series-Power-Cords/p/14644872/category=3461168

These great performers also use the same triple twisted design.

There must be something good going on with this geometry? That is why I want to apply it.

• Finally add, Oyaide plugs at each end (046, 079 or 004) and fill it with special crystal mineral against vibration, EMI, RFI, see:

First of all, would the geometry and design help you guys think?

Would it be worthwhile to try?

I can get Audioquest nrg4 relatively cheap. It has to be Audioquest wiring for me.
It is said that only the circuits in the cable that connect the earth (the return) are copper; the others that provide the active side would be silver; it's strange how they did it; on the official Audioquest site now say it's 100% silver; ; when I asked an official dealer why they went to 12 AWG they said it was always the same and there was no change for the Dragon; yet in 2018, 11AWG was written for the Dragon. Now it's 12; it was explained to me that it was a mistake?!?! But it is very true that it is more expensive; Even Nordost increased Walhala prices; They explained that: the price of silver, copper and gold rose; Perhaps prices have risen and may have reduced the surface to 12 AWG; Everything the production price does not grow too much ....! I do not know ; I'm trying to find logical explanations. The way they did this is not even transparent and fair-play.
I just purchased the AQ Thunder PC connected to my preamp and I’m likely what I hear so far.  The first thing I noticed is it has a fuller bass than my TWL 7+ PC, second I noticed a blacker background. My ears easily noticed the individual instruments spaced out within the soundstage.  Third, there’s a sense of peacefulness in the music.  Can someone who has experienced with the Thunder and Tornado, let me know if you perceived a noticeable improvement, whether small or significant and what did you notice that was better? Thank you.
I just asked and will let you all know what I'm told. I'll be shocked if I don't get the honest answer and I will share.