Audioquest Comet vs.Nordost Frey2

I've been comparing these two speaker cables for 10 days w/ new PSB T3 speakers..
To my ears Nordost is "clear" winner
I think Comet is quite good but Nordost Frey2 are more accurate,musical & relaxing.
AQ has deep bass while
Nordost has better soundstage w/good bass response
Interested in hearing others evaluation
I agree! The Nordost is all about Speed , pace, timing! Great cables for systems or speakers that are neutral sounding. Really brings out the liveliness of the musical event. Its like going from having Beautiful music now having real instruments in your room!
I have shotgunned Freys with matching jumpers along with Frey balanced
ICs in my system. And I experimented with many contenders and

The FREYs bested all comers in MY system ( operative word
"my") and I capped out at the FREYs as best performer limited
only by budget. The Valhallas are indeed the "next" tier up
performance-wise but a helluva cash outlay price ... "Ka-Ching!!! " A budget
cap vs. additional performance tension hit its threshold.

The takeaway is that ALL cable performance, including Nordost, is VERY
system dependent ..... Full stop. One size does not fit all... Full stop again.
Sheilalagro I think you answered your own question. Remember it's your ears and budget - no one else. That said I have original Frey SC and Tyr2 IC's. The series2 is a more liquid sound than the original but still has the speed - soundstage and clarity. Have you tried the Tyr2 speaker cable. My dealer calls them the mini Odin (mini Odin price too).

Akg_ca brings up a good point. When I had Dyn C1 Signatures I loved the Tyr2 SC. Now that I have Raidho I prefer the original Frey's but would love original Valhalla's.

If the Frey2 works for you -- go for it!!