Audioquest Comet input?

Hi folks-

I can't find a lot of reviews or comments on these speaker cables. Is anyone out there familiar or using these cables?

I am currently using Nordost Blue Heaven and have been for years. I started with these when I had a different level of gear and have done a pretty extensive upgrade over the years. I have moved and the cables barely reach my amp now.
Time to upgrade to longer lengths and upgrade in general at the same time.

I have the Comets coming in for a test drive in a week or so. Thought I would fish for some info while I wait.

I opted to try these as I wanted to start with a copper/silver combo first and see how it goes. Not so sure about DBS yet but I guess I will find out soon enough.

Any personal experience with these cables is appreciated. Just don't see too much info on the Flatrock line in general. The Blue Heaven have been a nice cable as I build up my system but time to try something else.

Hi Dynguy,

I have tried the AQ comet SC. it is a very good cable. Excellent detail, articulate with great speed.

The DBS seems to keep focus. When I tried other cables I know next to the DBS system cables, I always found them sounding fuzzy to begin with. After a while they would clear up, but the DBS system cables were always the same. Clear as a bell!
Thanks Chad. It sounds promising. It should be quite a step up from Blue Heaven. I am glad I waited for cables as the last thing to do. It took a while to get to the speaker cables but I am very happy to get to that point.

Actually, Blue Heaven cables are quite good. Instead of asking what those on this site like, you should audition all cables that you can borrow, and hear what they do to YOUR system. Cables are extremely system dependent.
Actually wasn't asking what those on this site like, rather if anyone had experience with these cables. Yes, I do plan to try different cables. I started with these as stated I wanted to try a copper/silver combo wire first.

I just wanted some user feedback as I can find little to no info on these cables. I am waiting for them to come so just asking the question while I wait.

I am quite aware of system matching.