Audioquest Cobolt 2 ???

I'm thinking of buying a pair of audioquest cobolt 2 speaker cable, can anyone tell me a bit more about them like how do they sounds and the quality of them. I know they were replaced a few years ago. What would be the equivalent cable, would you recommed buying it?
I'm using Cobolt originals now in a bi-wire set-up, I went from Midnights the original version in a non-biwire set-up. The effects I heard were a combo of both the bi-wire and the cable. The cable is very smooth , open and it pushed the soundstage way back. I believe it has 4 conductors per lead, and maybe was one step above the Midnights? I'm not positive on this. The highs were where I noticed a lot of difference they became softer compared to the Midnights, maybe less extention? I believe I paid ~ $175.00 for 7' pair.
I use original Cobalt in two different systems(Dynaco amp to Vandersteen 2Ci,conrad-johnson amps to Magneplanar MG3a)and think they sound just fine.I've had them for 10 years now,have never had any problems nor a desire to upgrade. I saw the ad you're considering and thought the price was great.Audioquest is a no-bullshit company,and their products have always reflected this philosophy(I use their interconnects as well).I wouldn't hesitate. Good luck. Bob
Been a while since I looked, but isn't Cobalt II , just 2 runs of CV-4 in 1 jacket? I could be very wrong it's been almost a year since I looked.