Audioquest Cheetah vs Audioquest Anaconda

Anybody compare these two Audioquest interconnect cables ?
Which one you prefer or recomend ?
You had better listen to both (if possible) in your system. I personally liked the Anaconda OK and didn't really warm up to the Cheetah. It sounds somewhat leaner with slightly tilted frequency extremes. It's really hard to put into words but it leaves you feeling something is missing. Some will probably say it's the DBS design making it quieter with less grundge. I don't think that accounts for the difference in sound. It is certainly not as musical as the HT's.
I'm now using Harmonic Technology Prosilway III's and like them considerably better than either AQ. They just seem to let more of the music through in my opinion. When you switch between the cables, the HT's give you that "Welcome back" sensation!
There are a lot of very good cables at lower retail prices. The one I mentioned above, the Audience Au24, JPS Labs and others. I'd definitely try before I bought. HT and Audience give you a 30 day trial.
Also, no one cable is great for all systems but a neutral cable will sound good in most systems. It's all about synergy(or what some don't want to admit---tuning)
It just turns out that I have been comparing these two cables over the last couple of weeks. I am planning to write a review, but will give you a summary here since you asked.

My current system is fully balanced and has the Anacondas between the CD and pre and between the pre and amp. I am using the Volcano with 48v DBS on the speakers. The Anacondas are copper (w/o DBS) and the Cheetah is silver (w DBS) and I was curious about the differences. I only had one pair of the Cheetahs so I tested them between the CD and pre.

The bottom line is you could be happy with either and, yes, there are some differences. The Anaconda is bold in the mids, has great bass and very articulate highs. The Cheetah has great bass, more moderate mids, and slightly less articulate highs (there was no sense of tizzyness in the highs that some report with silver). The Cheetah may actually be the more natural cable, but I agree with Bigtee that it sounds flatter and not nearly as exciting and involving. Nevertheless, the differences are not huge, and it took several hours of listening to both to pin them down.

My conclusion is I will stay with the Anacondas. However, I believe the Cheetah is still quite good and has the benefit of the DBS, which I have found to work effectively and as advertized on the Volcanos. Next, I want to try the Sky as it may in fact be a significant jump up.

I hope this helps...