Audioquest cheetah 36v dbs VS 72v dbs

I am interested about sonic difference between 36v and upgraded 72v dbs Aq cheetah or other Aq cables in general. I currently used original 36v dbs cheetah with great results – much better than old Aq Lapis x3.

Any comment would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I liked the 72v dbs better the sound was bigger and more open not a HUGE difference but a difference worth the change. I found that 72v dbs was the max for I/C's, the sound degraded with more, while S/C sounded better with 144v dbs. I first used Cheetah 72v dbs/Volcano 72v dbs then Sky 72v dbs/Double Biwire Volcano 144v dbs on each of four cables.
You are on the right track :)
I agree with Samhar, 72V is a step up in more silent background and based on that, the Dynamic increased (powerful and fast Bass, deeper Sound stage and the Headroom in general is more open).
After this experience I switched to 144V, that's the best.
When you have a chance to try it, go for it.
Thanks, I will try 72v dbs for sure.
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