Audioquest Castle Rock vs Pikes Peak

I am looking at upgrading from my Kimber 8TC biwire speaker cables. I have a dealer demo of the AQ Castle Rock and they are a very nice improvement in my system. Bat VK-30 pre, MF A308cr amp, Rega Saturn, Music Hall mmf.9.1 with Zu 103R. Kimber KCAG interconnects.

I see that there is a set of AQ pikes peak biwire on Agon and I was hoping someone may be able to offer guidance or opinion on either or both the castle rock and pikes peak?

$13oo for the Castle rock vs $550 for the pikes peak.
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AQ Castle rock is a replacement (just by name!) of AQ Gibraltar which is in sale at half price at MusicDirect! At your budget of $1300, AQ Volcano ~$1100 (discontinued, now named AQ Oak) used one, would be a perfect choice. The only thing is to make sure, AQ Volcano you buy is a genuine one. I have a pair of AQ Volcano as spare (!) to my AQ Meteor and use it in my second system. I had AQ CV-8 (almost like AQ Gibralta) and once swithced to AQ Volcano, I was very happy with more details and well pronounced bass! They are really good...

I have read many good reviews of the Volcano but I cannot find any used... Interested in selling yours?

Is the Gibraltar completely the same as the Castle rock? Was the update cosmetic?
I guess it is more on updated cosmetic and marketing rather than fundamental changes on inside wires. Whatever it is, the difference in quality is very subtle and in term of price that difference is huge! Original retail price on AQ Gibraltar and castle rock is the same, knowing AQ Gibraltar is made like a few years ago where all those material, labor and everything else, were much cheaper! It is not an objective reasoning but it worth to think about it.
Besides, you have a 60 days return policy (at least what they say) with MicsicDirect which allows you to audition both AQs in you system.

on AQ Volcano, I am sorry, right now I am using those cables, I wouldn't be interested to sell them. In the mean time that you are making your opinion on Gilbraltar or Catle Rock, hopefully you might find a nice pair of AQ Volcano...

Kimber 8TC is not that good, is it, but it seems to be popular :)