Audioquest Carbon HDMI cable

Hi all,

I'm thinking about purchasing the AQ Carbon hdmi cable(3m). It will be hooked up with the signal going out from my pre/pros hdmi monitor output to my 52 LCD monitor hdmi input. What would be the advantage of hooking it up this way? Higher quality video? Would I be better off to purchase a lower quality cable from AQ for this purpose?

Would I be better off to buy a Carbon and install it between my Oppo blu ray player and pre/pro to take advantage of the sound as well and just leave the hdmi cable going to my LCD monitor hooked up? I want to stick with AQ as I like their products. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
I'm expecting delivery of Monoprice Redmere Slim cables at 10:00 each. I'm looking forward to experiencing this technology. I wish I could compare them to AQs for you, but I don't own any AQ cables.
I have tried HDMI from the Oppo and found that the XLR outs sound better for music. Once Oppo is fully burned in. The HDMI on the Oppo was great for video. Used Wire World silver.
Sorry, I meant $10.00 each.
I am using a Carbon to connect my PA Audio PWT to the Wyred4Sound DAC via I2S interface. Sounds magnificent!
I will be getting the Carbon HDMI 3m cable for my monitor out to my LCD 52 inch tv. I think it will do great on the video side of things. Stevecham- I too use the Carbon to connect my Rotel DAC to my computer. Sound is excellent. Very pleased with the sound.
I decided to try a more expensive hdmi cable via my own decision. I am in no way wanting to or even entertaining cheaper hdmi vs expensive hdmi debate as we all have read these posts. I just say it is my decision and at the very least will not regret it. Thanks everyone. Cheers.

The Carbon is a great hdmi cable in sound and in vision as well. The extra silver will give you a much better sharp image compared to many other competitors in the same price range.

Audio is great as well. It does everything as it should be. great dynamics with a sharp individual focus. Depth is also very good.
OK, well, I finally bought an Audioquest Carbon HDMI cable to put this to the test myself, i.e., whether or not there would be a difference in picture or sound quality versus a basic high speed cable. 

So, my first test was to just replace the basic HDMI cable running directly from my cable box to my TV with the Carbon.  I switched them back and forth maybe 15 times.  I just cannot tell any difference.  Now, one caveat is that the cable box will not output any higher than a 1080i resolution signal, so perhaps that could explain it.

My next test was to compare audio quality.  I replaced the basic high speed HDMI cable that goes from my Oppo BDP-83 universal player to my Denon Receiver with the Carbon HDMI cable.  In this test, it again was extremely difficult to tell any difference, but I do think there is just a slight increase in detail and definition of instruments, as well as a bit smoother sound and sense of sound stage.  Now, Audioquest touts as one of the qualities of the Carbon as "low jitter".  How important is jitter in HDMI connections?  Also, could it be that more expensive HDMI cables might be more likely to demonstrate a noticeable improvement in audio than in video performance?

Finally, I have not conducted it yet, but my final test will be to compare the two cables when playing higher resolution signals such as SACD, DVD-Audio, and Blu-ray movies that have DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD tracks. 

Any observations much appreciated.