Audioquest Cable leaks on its return leg

Follow the topic which discussed the opening of MIT and Transparent cables, I accidentally discovered that Audioquest cables has leak on its negative leg and only the negative leg. This applies to at least 2 speaker models, one of which is CV-4.
Is some kind of short, with resistance built into the negative leg to ground, or is it the same result, but from the actual cable leaking to the shield? Please clarify what exactly is going on, how you discovered it, and how you measured it. Is it consistent with a pair of cables? It is interesting--please provide us with more information.
I think Audioquest designed the cable to leak. Or more specifically, if you use an ohm meter on the return leg, the resistence is not the same as the positive leg. I discovered it by cutting one open to be use as a lead wire inside a pre-amp. What I found was, if you use 3 length of negative legs and twisted it together, run some current through it, it'll get pretty hot. Hot to touch anyway. The result is consistent with all the CV-4 that I have tried.