Audioquest blue cable?

Hi! I have found a 15' pair of old audioquest 2 wire spade end cables. The only marking are 'Audioquest Blue (Blue is in cursive script) The cable are blue (obviously) in color. Anyone know anything about these cables? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! John
I know nothing of the cables you've asked of, but I am wondering what island you are from?

Dan (Whidbey Island)
The following is from memory so corrections are invited:

In the mid 1980s Audioquest sold cables of copper wire named 'Blue' which had a dark blue slightly rubbery textured sheath. I believe there were at least three generations, the later being named 'Blue 2' and 'Blue 3'. At some point these were labeled 'FMS Blue by Audioquest' and received positive comments in a few early issues of TAS, from, I believe, Anthony Cordesman. The cables were made by a very talented cable designer named Alex Gibson who eventually left Audioquest to form his own company named FMS or "Favorite Music Systems". Cables designed by Gibson were known for being a wee bit rolled off at the extremes but possessed of superb midrange tonality. I have a set of FMS Zero cables which I hold dear - simply wonderful for their day. Website is here:

After writing the above, I did a search here and found a somewhat confirming thread here:

No way to know if this matches with the cables you found.
Have you tried them?
Thank you all very much for the information! I have not tried them.