AudioQuest Bedrock speaker cable: Opinions?

Seems like this is always on sale at Audio Advisor. I can't afford to spend a lot of money on cable right now. Anyone using or have used this cable? Opionions appreciated.
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I have used it in the past and it was a good cable for the money well balanced and dynamic. It was my first foray into higher end cabling.
The AQ Bedrocks are a great value player at its price. Provides great deep and tight bass, and fast detailed transients. Has good impact and that attack type of quality. Certainly not a laid back sounding cable, it's more aggressive than others. Top end might be a little bright if used in the wrong system, but in a mellow type of system, this will work better and provide the excitement needed. Very pliable and bendable and will remain and hold it's shape for easy positioning.
with a name like bedrock, it sounds like the cable was taken from the flinstones theme song. oh well, if you don't like the cable, you can sleep on it.
I bought a 12 foot pair of bedrocks back in August 2006 to replace my AudioQuest Type 4 speaker cable which was very good for around 100 bucks. My soundstage improved dramatically as did bottom end and midrange. It seemed everything was being reproduced effortlessly. Smooth yet dramatic. Detailed and in your face. It's almost as if adjectives do the bedrocks no justice. I am using an Aragon 28MKII pre amp connected to a Parasound HCA 1000A amp with Paradigm Studio 40 Reference speakers. I had been using a pair of MIT Terminator type 3 interconnects to the apm. But with the bedrocks certain disc's had a very bright top end. This was corrected with the purchase of AudioQuest G-Snake 3 meter pair to replace the MIT's for just 35 bucks. Very dramatic change again. Who would have thought that a pair of 35 dollar cables could make things a little bit warmer...but they did. So yeah, if ya got the extra cash you will really never need to replace your speaker cables or at least not for a real long time!!

Oh, I am also using a Rotel RCD950 disc player with a Music Fidelity X-Act DAC using a Cardas 75 ohm cable to the DAC and AR 222 interconnects back to the pre-amp. I had been using Vampire interconnects I bought back in '96. They have proven over time not to be able to handle the digital domain very well over the years.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past 16 years of playing with and fine tuning my audio skills is that you really don't need to make drastic changes or spend big money to get good results that will keep you happy for long periods of time.