Audioquest Battery Pack comparation

In the last years Audioquest replace and upgrade the battery pack on their DBS cables.
Example: Cheetah 12V to 24V and now to 36V, or Volcano 24V to 48V and now to 72V?
It´s really represent an upgrade ?
Should or can I replace the battery pack only ?
I have Cheetah 12V and Volcano 24V.
i don't believe you can just switch batteries to a different voltage...

v=i*r so if you go with 2*v then you need to change something, and you can't change the resistance so you'd somehow have to limit it to half the current to stay within the parameters of how they set it up (or so i'd think)... but i'd double-check with your local audioquest dealer or try calling them yourself (i actually work at a shop that sells a lot of audioquest, if a customer came in asking this, worst case i could try and call them and see if this is a 'supported' or technically feasable change).
The battery on the AQ cable is connected to an inner anode wire and a drain wire. These two wires are not connected together or to any other wire. So no current flows from the battery. This serves to establish an electric field which keeps the dialectrics formed. Because of this you can use any of the different battery packs on any of the DBS cables. I recently upgraded my Volcano DBS from 24 to 48 volts by using a special connector and a second 24 volt battery that AQ provided.
I am up to cheetahs with 48v and Pike's peaks with 72v.

And yes the sound is fantastic.

I mostly notices that voices were brought out more and cymbols on drum kits are more musical.