Audioquest/Audiotruth Emerald or Opal?

I have a pair of green colored Audioquest interconnects that have Audiotruth marked on the connector plugs. Unfortunately there is no writing on the cable jackets. I think they were a X2 vintage but I forget whether they were Opal or Emerald. Again green colored cable jackets.
My Emerald X3 I would describe as more blue/green than blue.
If its label is Audiotruth its probably Opal. If my memory serves me correct Emerald was Audioquest not Audiotruth. I think ( not positive ) that the Audiotruth label started with the Lapis X3 Silver/Diamond/ etc era .
I have a set of AudioTruth Emerald X3 and they are green.
The writing on the cable jackets of these wears off but if you look closely in the right light you may still be able to see a shadow from the old print on the cable jacket which may be legible. That's the case with mine. Hope that helps you narrow it down.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the tips.