Audioquest Argent? Midnight? Sterling?AudioTruth?

Anyone out there, is there a big difference between the Argent and the Midnight's? I know the Argent uses a few silver conductors but the general type of sound, is there a huge difference?

Yah Quite a bit if your picky! I used both in a side by side bi-wire and on occasion i flipped em back and forth just for curiosity. The Argent is a much better all around cable with more inner detail and better ( cleaner ) mids and highs. I also found the Midnight ( lows ) Argent (highs)
bi-wire was a very ,very good combo. Using the midnight on the lows save you the cost of the more expensive Argent.If for single wire only the Argent is the way to go..Just my opinion.
I'll second every word of what Thorman had to say, as I'm still using an Argent-Midnight cable set to biwire my main speakers. I haven't used Argent in a single wire setup, but I reterminated a pair of Midnight biwires to single for lows and added Argent for highs and this was a noticeable improvement over the Midnight biwires. Hope that helps.
Thorman very accurate,the Sterling is better than
the Argent.The Dragon is the best actually.
I had Midnight & Argent combo, then changed to Sterling & Argent. Argent gives you more tonal quality right through the musical scale. Midnight gives slightly more bass weight.
But, yes, Midnight/Argent combo is very good; but the Sterling/Argent combo is better.
The difference between a double run of Argent+ and a double run of Sterling 2 is enormous, an improvement in all aspects of a given performance, night and day. The Argent pales in comparison. I tried the Argent+/Streling2 in more than one system with the same results.

Sterling+ is again a jump up from sterling2.
Sterling+ is very similar to Dragon+ in my system difficult to tell them apart when not concentrating/ listening properly.

I found that Forest+ was better than Argent+ in the bass though the argent presented a clearer mid bass and up. Naturally the upper range of argent was superior to the Forest, just more air and detail.

Hope this helps
I tried the Argent/Midnight combination for bi wiring on my Vandersteens but found that using Argent for both runs improved the bass quality over the Argent/Midnight combination. I got better sound top to bottom with the more expensive Argent/Argent bi wire set up.
Not trying to hijack this,but had to ask.I bought some AQ Midnight cables in the late 80's.Are these the same?Dark blue,maybe 5/8" diameter?Thanks again,Bob