Audioquest Anaconda vs Panther, Cheetah

I wonder what the differences are ?
Is there someone who has compared them ?
I want the one who are most forward and has good definition in mid and upper bass.
Which is best for a already laid back and smooth system ?
In my system, I used Anaconda's before Cheetah's. Neither of these cables are forward in my opinion. Cheetah is cleaner and more laid back than Anaconda, and I like it much better. Havn't heard Panther, but I would guess it is the same sound with slightly less definition than Cheetah, but probably more than Anaconda.

Grisslehamn, if you're looking for interconnects to be filters to change some characteristic of your system, I think you're looking in the wrong place. Cables are designed to be and supposed to be tonally neutral.

Forwardness comes from slightly more midrange energy. Do something about your speakers if you want that.
Jeffreybehr, when i changed ic to Aq Anaconda (had Jaguar before) the sound became much better in the way a want it.