Audioquest 404

Does anyone know anything about this cartridge? This was mounted on a PT6 arm I aquired recently, but stylus/cantilever are missing. I'm wonderring if it's worth the effort to have it restored...
Thanks 'goners
See link below for specs and info:
My friend had one a while ago.It got pretty good reviews at the time.We found it a bit on the "thin" side,but it DEFINITELY is worth a retip if it can be had cheaply!
Good luck.
I used to own one of these and liked it, but that was years ago. Bought one in 1989. Do you know which version you have? There was a 404i-MH and a 404i-L. I think I still have my cartridge box and will check the specs if you wish.
From the looks of the pictures on (thanks mofi!) it appears to the 404B. No pictures for the 404i & 404i HM...Any re-tip suggestions besides Soundsmith?