Has anybody upgraded from Audioqest type 4 to rocket 33 or 44?Not sure if it would be a noticeable upgrade?Would like to stick with AQ since everything else is.Thanks!

it's a noticeable upgrade from Type 4 to CV-4, the old style without the batteries...
..good choice to stick to one manufacturing philosophy.  That way you get the full advantage of what the designer had in mind.
AQ seems to be pretty good when it comes to upgrading- Meaning that each step up from a model grade gives you enhanced listening improvement.
Can you tell us what equipment your connecting?

if you are considering the Rocket Series- go for the "88" model.

Happy Listening!
Thanks for replies!I have decided to move my xpa 1 s in the basement and just run xpa 5 with my integra 80.3 and Thiel 3.7 for main system.By using only xpa 5 as  only amp I can upgrade speaker wires without cutting them up,as I had to for the ultra wide posts on the xpa 1 s.(why they made posts that wide I don't know?).I really didn't hear enough difference between xpa 1 and xpa 5 to leave monos in main system,family is happier with simpilar system also.My 805 speakers do sound better with the xpa 1s though.That move was more of an upgrade.


are you using the Integra 80.3 as a pre-amp or home theater processor?

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I used to have the Rocket 33 then I jump to Rocket 88 connected between my McIntosh and my Vandersteen Speakers and made a very good difference, But now I have a whole new System.
I'm using integra 80.3 for both music and movies.I know you can only get 2 channel so good with a processor,but it's really not bad.Just been trying to get the most out of what I have.For music I like to stream from my iPad to a Moon 100 dac into my 80.3.Really not bad this way but I think my Type 4 wire is the 2nd weak link.Using a processor is the 1st.I was disappointed in my xpa1s that they didn't sound  that much better than Xpa 5 channel amp.Xpa 1s was a nice upgrade from a Halfler 280 xl I was using in a basement system.

Yes! Audioquest holds a good name! Owned their rocket line of speaker cable!! Replaced with Cardas Reflection speaker cable! My opinion, Audioquest fits the bill till you invest in 8-9000.00 dollar level electronics units! I guess I'm saying just how high end are you!
I did upgrade from type 4 to rocket 44.It did tighten sound up a bit and has more depth to it.I think it was worth it!I'm going to stop there for now because I think using a processor for 2 channel also is only going to take me so far?
@OP, you might be surprised at how much a set of cables can influence sound.
But, if you like what you are hearing, then by all means, let things rest for a while. This whole upgrade process can sometimes lead to madness.
Let us know what you are using currently and what you are thinking of upgrading to. We Agon'ers are happy to put our 2, 3, 4 cents in.
My system right know is Thiel 3.7,Integra 80.3,Emotiva xpa5,B&W 12 inch passive sub,xpa 2 for sub power,AQ Columbia xlrs,AQ Rocket 44 speaker wires,surround rears and center speaker.It really exells at movies but pretty good with 2 channel also.I do realize that using a processor and a 5 channel amp with only take me so far for 2 channel but we really use it a lot for movies.

Thanks! for the update- corvette01

Happy Listening!

So far I'm happy I stuck with Audioqest cables.At least I don't feel taken when I buy them and I feel that I'm getting an honest cable.So much snake oil is out there with different cables an big prices to go with them,it gets kinda scary! A lot of AQ reviews out there have helped me also!
Hope you are enjoying Summer- corvette01-

AQ cabling in a sonic match for your Thiel speakers. You are certainly on the  right track. Happy Listening!
Jafant,all is good!Both systems sounding pretty good for now.Do you believe in break in time for Audioquest cables?I think my Thiels are sounding a little better with rocket 44 wires and a big sur off my dac.I don't have too many hours on them yet, but I think it's sounding better,or maybe I'm just getting used to it?
Yes, cables (and just about all equipment) benefit from a 'break in'. I guess it just gets those electrons moving in sync.
I'm glad the AQ cables are working for you. They are a good company.
Gdnrbob,thanks for reply!I do like AQ 
I do like Aq.  I have their speaker wire as well and have no desire to change.
Bill Low, AQ designer, has done a great job for many years at offering cables in the line that provide incremental steps up in performance.  As you move up a cable you either get better conductors or dielectric. It comes down to what your wallet can bear.  The sound just is more open and sweeter as you move up.  Bass detail and depth I've found is most affected by the dielectric, at least in their interconnects.  After A/Bing Columbia and Colorado, the difference between the two was the bass performance.  I lucked out on the half price sale on Colorados at Music Direct!! 
" This whole upgrade process can sometimes lead to madness"
Hifiman5,I'm using Columbia xlrs also.I have not  compared them with anything else .I'm using King Cobra xlrs on a 2nd system.Both have performed well I think?At least I haven't felt the need to upgrade interconnects.I don't think I would spend more than I did on the Columbias anyway.Glad you got a deal from Music Direct,I've bought some stuff from them also.
@corvette01   I ended up choosing Colorados over Columbia due to more realistic bass impact and depth from the Colorados.
Hi Phil,
You really got a good price on those Colorados at half price! I think I mentioned to you once before I had the newer Earth interconnects. I bought a 1 meter pair of XLR's for the new price less 15%. I just bought a 1/2 meter pair of Earth with RCA's used, on Audiogon for $350. They are in like new condition and I felt I got a pretty good deal on them. That said, I would be willing to bet the Colorado's you have sound every bit as good as the Earth's. You got a fine deal on them. Congrats!!!
Thanks Tim!  The PSC+ copper along with FEP tubes and the 72 volt dbs system make for a fine pair of interconnects.  Enjoy.  Phil
Audioquest seems to make quality products but I find their lineup very confusing - trees, rocks, rockets. I have not purchased aq because I cannot understand what the differences are between the various products. Perhaps a good retail store could help but the website to me does not articulate what to expect from one line to another. 
@skoczylas I agree that the website could explain why one series might be more appropriate to a particular system than another series!  I've never called AQ but perhaps they might be willing to discuss and clarify.  Some of their reluctance to elucidate on the site is that they are already trying to explain so many features that the length of describing each series in better detail might put people off.  

The overall stats. on how long the average reader will stay with an article are shocking short.  Too much multitasking perhaps?
Hifiman5,sorry read your post wrong.Thought you went with Columbias.Music Direct just sent me a sales flyer with some real nice b stock AQ cable prices if anybody needs something?
AQ fans,what speaker cable are you using?Im using rocket 44 now from type 4.Im seeing a lot of deals on  AQ cables both used and old stock.
I agree their lineup is extremely confusing at first, and it gets even more confusing when you consider all the historical lines.

For speaker cables I’ve upgraded to double bi-wire with a 2nd pair of AQ Kilimanjaro (from their prior speaker cable line), which results in the exact same PSS metal content and geometry as the WEL Signature, except in 2 white/black cable jackets instead of 1 black jacket -- basically the same cable (though I think with better shielding and better cosmetics on the WEL) when factory re-terminated with the 1000 series spades. Sounds awesome. The Kilimanjaro is the "bargain" for PSS speaker cables when you can find them used.

I actually considered buying a WEL Signature SC, but with those prices, even at 4 ft...I bought a new Niagara 7000 with some of the "savings". I do have a couple of the WEL LP cables and may add an XLR. I’ve been slowly moving up the AQ lines for years now. Their silver is incredibly smooth sounding, with all the detail of silver.
I just listed an 8 foot pair of classic AQ Volcano speaker cables and an 8 foot pair of AQ Caldera here on Audiogon.
For anyone reading this thread after the fact, beware that the AQ Type 4 is an entry level cable with an aggregate wire gauge of 16. The Thiel 3.7 is a speaker that retails for $12900. Its impedance is under 3 ohms for much of the frequency range.

Therefore, both the Type 4 cable, and the XPA-5(which warns of a minimum load of 4 ohms, as does the XPA-1) are a bad choice for a speaker that presents this kind of load. I’d suggest not buying a $13000 pair of speakers if you can’t afford to then buy a more substantial amp. I’m sure a Thiel dealer could make some recommendations regarding the amp that would be a much better fit.
213runnin,I have 2 systems I use regularly,with over 25 k spent.Right now the xpa 5 will have to do with the rocket 44 wires.At lower volumes which I listen to it's fine.I got a deal on the 3.7 s so I went for it.I intend on upgrading the amp soon but right now I'm in the middle of a Corvette summer,because I can't drive 55!
Until they run out (and assuming your speakers will support it) I strongly recommend a shotgun bi-wired set of CV-8 cables from Music Direct. 
Consider the top line cables from Audioquest from several years ago. I bought SKY and Cheetah interconnects and they sound great and doubt that a new set would be so much better I would want to pay more. And they are often available on Agon for 30 to 50 cents on the retail dollar, depending upon age. And if you decide to do a change, they will still be worth much of what you paid.
Add 72v Niagara to that list.

During a chance run-in with Bill Low at a local high end joint, he explained that the bi-wire cable I'd recently made from Type 8  wasn't going to provide the magnetic separation/isolation that one apparently needs. Hmm…so I bought a pair of Rocket 33s (he recommended 'em…cheapskate!) and discovered, hey, he was absolutely correct as well he should be! I eventually went back to a non biwired speaker (Silverline Preludes which sound more coherant single wired according to Alan Yun and myself) with the posts strapped together but kept the Rockets in anyway as a biwired single wire affair (yeah man). Sounding fabulous.
Audioquest is at the top of the cable heap.  Pick your price point an go.