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which model(s) replaced the Volcano speaker cables?

It seems, AQ Volcano is replace by AQ Oak. Retail price wise, they are similar as well as their wire structure being all PSC+. AQ used to provide more details about their cables like AQ Volcano, but for some reason they stopped doing as such.

There is also, AQ Comet (almost same cost) but this one uses 1/4 silver PSS and 3/4 psc+.

I have a pair of AQ Volcano which is a much thicker cable compared to AQ Oak and AQ Meteor (that I use on my primary setup), perhaps because of its higher no.of RFI insulation layers.

hope that would help.
Wire sizing, ie differing gauges and overall combined gauge looks the same as oak, good call michaelzay.  I had Oak with Colorados for quite a while and can say it certainly did NOT suck!
Many Thanks! guys-

I too like the Volcano, in that specific series, it looks like Pikes Peak is th top speaker cable.  Any recent iterations of this speaker cable series I should be aware (better)?
I had 3 pairs of Volcano at one point (shotgun bi-wire for my mains plus 1 pair for center channel). Volcano was a great speaker cable in so many ways,...
Yes, I like it as well- zephyr.

I wanted to learn about a better AQ speaker cable than the Volcano
(if it exists).
Anyone else?
I now have AQ Wildwood and yes they are even better than Oak.  Not cheap though!

Thank You, gshepardbuster-

what other gear rounds out your system?

Jafant, I looked around and tried a few other speaker cables from other brands. Some gives you an illusion of super-extended soundstage, but you get less resolution/details and/or a unpleasant frequency balanced sound.

At AQ Volcano price range, it is very challenging to find an alternative.Unless you are willing to pay 2-3 times more andyou might get some improvement as 10% or so. I use AQ Meteor on my first setup and AQ volcano on second system. AQ Meteor is 2 times more expensive and its improvement (specially on HF extensions) compared to AQ Volcano is like <10%.


jafant,  Vpi Classic Signature to Niagra RCA to Mcintosh C1000 transistor. Meridian 808.3 to Niagra XLR to Mcintosh C1000 tube.  Wild Blue Yonder XLR from tube unit, Niagra from transistor unit, to Mcintosh 1.2 kW monos.  1.2kw to Wildwood BW 800ds.  PS audio P 5 regen for sources only with AQ NRG 10s.   
Thank You- michelzay.
Nice system- gshepardbuster
Thanks, my bro in law says it's my crack!
gshepardbuster, Those are very nice audio gears you have. I am using AQ SKY all over my system, except AQ Cheetah from Turntable to my phono pre (einstein turntable's choice). Their difference is not subtle! I was thinking to upgrade at least part of my ICs and move toward AQ wild blue wonder. Unfortunately and as usual,  auditioning is not possible for these pricey cables, only buying option with no return! BTW, I don't have any intention to hijack this forum from SCs to ICs. I was just wondering if you would provide a comparison between AQ Niagra (somehow placed between AQ Cheetah and SKy) and AQ WIld. I would appreciate it.


I have heard, and like, the AQ Sky XLR IC myself.
michaelzay, Thanks, I have not heard the Sky but suspect it's very similar to WBY.  That being said the Niagra is almost as revealing as WBY with maybe the slightest touch of warm in comparison...
what are the prices of Niagra, Sky & Meteor ?
gshepardbuster, You are right, SKY and WBY shares identical inside core wiring. WBY has 32% more FEP isolation in between wires. AQ Niagara (one 20AWG and 2X 21 AAWG) uses 15% less silver compared to SKY( 3X 20AWG). Perhaps that's why Niagara sounds a little bit warmer vs. WBY.
This gave me some motivation to replace my AQ Cheetah by AQ Niagra (used and authentic one which is not easy to find).

However, WBY connectors are more sophisticated vs. SKY, especially RCA ones. There is a small company in US fabricating those RCA connectors. A couple of years ago, retail price of each WBY RCA connector was ~$350! Four of them are used in one pair!!!! Most of cable companies use Neutrik connectors (~$5), like Nordost Vahilla  (~$5500/1m) !! Based on magazine reviews, I tried Nordost Vahilla 1 and I did prefer AQ SKY.

Jafant, I guess AQ Niagra (~$1900/1m) is discontinued and is replaced by AQ Fire. AQ SKY is about ~$2900/1M, AQ WBY ~$4500/1m and AQ Meteor is ~5900/8ft. I need to say that I was sooo lucky to have an excellent deal on my cables.


TY- michelzay for the price index.
Happy Listening!
Thumbs up on Niagra and its replacement Wind. Niagra a great cable to find used and authentic if you can. I got off the cable merry-go-round when I discovered Niagra a year ago. Of course Wind is similar but upgraded! 
Oh sound not of said Wind is upgraded, now I have to try!
Spell check sucks!  I typed " you shouldn't of said"

I will have to watch for those models on the used market.