AudioPrism CD Stoplight & Auric illuminator work?

I have not tried these two products but was wondering if you had any experience positive or negative with these products? Or any other such products.

I have had quite a lot of experience with the CD Stoplight.
It's what I would call a 'trade-off' tweek. That is it improves some areas to the detriment of others. I suppose I
have tried most of the tweeks out there and have found the
Mapleshade items to be the best. This is with the exception
of the tube anchors which sonically are wonderful but act
as a dutch oven over heating and shortening the life of
the tubes.
Auric Illuminator works for me. Also great on DVD's. It goes right to the worst digititis, that hardness and glare in the upper mids and low treble. It is not as expensive as it seems because it treats so many discs.
Heard several recommendations in favor of Auric Illuminator so I decided to try it myself. The spray alone hurt the HF attack transients & softened prettty much everything across the band. The marked pen made the HF's quite strident & unpleasant. Combination of the two effects was not what I wanted either, so I cleaned it all off & was much happier with the stock CD. Others have reported that the process worked well enough on poorly recorded discs that they liked it as an occasional band aid for those certain "challenged" recordings.
I burn a lot of compilation cd's for my car. I use the Auric Illuminator on those. It improves the sound of cds in my car. Not as harsh or cold sounding. I don't use it on the originals.
I've used Auric Illuminator on discs that are damaged / hard to read or have very poor "digital" sounding recordings. As a general rule, i don't use it unless the disc has either or both of the aforementioned problems, but it has made discs that were previously unreadable or unbearable to listen to much more usable and enjoyable.

I am not a "believer" in markering discs for multiple reasons and therefore do not use them on my cd's or dvd's. Sean
I've used Both and have had Positive results from them (remember: these types of "tweaks" make just little audio differences)!
1)By marking the inner circle and outer circle of each disk with the Marker (black)-I have experienced less grain and harshness and a little more OPEN presentation(mostly heard in the upper high freq.)with that treatment. 2)Cleaning a disk with the Illuminator Solvent slightly demagnatizes the surface of the CD and also makes it more reflective for the laser reading of the CD info. Reason for 1)& 2): Reduces stray laser light and demagnatizing the CD will allow the laser, reading the CD info., to have less error corrections(jitter)in the process procedure, i.e. more musical info. Have you thought about the Bendini Ultra-Clarifier (it works also, does about the same thing-I have 1)- read info. at
Good Luck and Enjoy!