Audioprism CD Blacklight mat?

Does anyone know the difference between the regular CD Blacklight mat and the one meant for the Stable Platter transport? I have an EAD CD 1000 that has the stable platter transport and The Elusive Disc is selling both CD Blacklight versions BUT the Stable Platter version is priced at $35.00 and the regular one almost half price at $20.00. Just wondering what the difference might be. A friend once brought over the regular one but the hole in the center was a little small to fit over the spindle on CD platter on my EAD. With a little trimming it would work but maybe there are other differences. Any thoughts?
Having used both products (Audioprism Blacklight and Herbies Grungebuster), I can tell you unequivocally not to waste your $$$ on the Audioprism. The Grungebuster 2 is a superior product for $8 and Herbie also does a stable platter version for $25, but I am not sure if this is based on the original Grungebuster or the Grungebuster 2. I'd recommend you contact him to find out. Just do a Google search for Herbie's Audio Lab.
Sold my Blacklight for $5 and regretted screwing the buyer. 'Nuff said? Dave

You didn't sell that to Roberto, did you?

The Herbie's Grungebuster 2 just smokes anything including the Audioprism mat I've tried with my Levinson 31.5 transport. It also is indispensable when copying discs place one on the orginal CD and one on the target for best results.
No, Richard, I sold the damn thing to someone in the Far East who gave me a U.S. mailing address. Really wanted it, no matter how hard I tried to talk him out of it. That's why I'm fairly guilt-free :-)
2 more cents here. And that is way more than the value of the CD Blacklight is worth. Although it makes a decent coaster.
Well I beg to differ about mats. If you want the ultimate tweak, this is IMO the only one to have

Marigo Labs Signature 3-D Mat

The difference in sound stage is mind boggling. I recommend this over all other mats

Not cheap at $199
Thanks for the response. Another thing I was also concerned about is whether adding a CD mat would shorten the life of the transport motor due to spinning extra weight. This would kind of be like spinning two CDs at a time instead of one.
Arnold, Dave, Rich,

So, should I, too, make-into-a-coaster my AudioPrism CD Blacklight?

What value can I sell it for?

I got $5 for mine. In good conscience, I couldn't ask more. Dave