AudioPrism CD Blacklight

Opinions on this tweak...does it provide benefits or are these nullified by potentially creating a rotational problem. This is the glow-in-the-dark floopy disc do-hicky that goes on top of the CD.
I have one. I use it only occasionally. I find little or no difference with or without it. I have had no trouble or rotational problems, just that it is a little pain to use. I even bought a round flourecent black light to charge it.
I use the green pen on all my CD's and most of the time I use the Bendini Ultra Clarifier.
I hope this helps.
I have one but only use it once in better on some cd's and some sytems than others. You have to be careful placing it on the top the cd. It can get displaced if it is not well centered. I much prefer to use the auric illuminator. Borrow a friends first to see if you like it. Cheers, Bluenose