Audioprism Antares

Does anyone have any experience with this amp? Just bought it off a shelf on a whim, but need some info, which is proving very hard to find. Anyone, anything?
Not really, there's no info of this valve amplifier anywhere.
There was an ex-Audioprism employee who was offering mods to old Audioprism equipment. I bet if you called Audioprism they could find his website or phone number and maybe he could tell you more.
Contact Raptor Electronics
Brian Hawkins is who the poster above is referring to
Bob is that you ? are you still holding on to the Mantissa ? mine is not going anywhere soon
heard of a KR Audio Antares but not an AudioPrism Antares ... a Debut or Mantisaa maybe???
Thanks to all who have responded. This unit is an Audioprism Antares. Audioprism has been no help. I'm 55 years old and have followed this hobby for quite some time. But I have never come across an American item about which nobody seems to know anything.
Very strange.