Audioprism ACFX

I just purchased an Audioprism ACFX device with captive power cords for my amplifier (McCormack DNA.5). ACFX is a filter technology developed by Audioprism that is available in the Power Foundation line of conditioners, or as the ACFX device in either a power cord version (like I got)in which an Audioprism proprietary power cord is fitted with the device without being interrupted (less connections) or in another version that looks more like a standard power conditioner- an IEC input to 2 Hospital grade recepticle outs, which allows you to filter 2 components at once. Upon replacing the Sonic Horizon Daybreak power cable that I was using, I immediately noticed a difference, but decided to give it a few days before really getting into what I was hearing. A couple of nights ago, I swapped cables back and forth and this is what I heard. The amp is plugged directly into the wall, so with the Sonic Horizons cable, there is no filtering of the amp. THe Audioprism sounded much more relaxed and immediately less harsh, while the S.H. cable sounded more raw, but also more dynamic, and I dont know why, but it provides a little better image. Anyone have any experiences with the ACFX, good or bad? Perhaps this speaks highly of the Sonic Horizons line of cables (available through HCM Audio), or poorly of the ACFX, or perhaps it is just a synergy thing, but I'm not happy with either of them now, as I've heard what a filtered amp sounds like regarding less noise and cleaner power, but I'm missing a little of the "rawness" and dynamics of this admittedly cheap power cord from Sonic Horizons (RETAIL IS $90?!?!?)... What is a broke audiophile to do?? Maybe I should try another power cable on the amp, like a Master Coupler, or maybe the Cheap Powersnake. I am not going to throw down massive money on the PS audio, but I could spend maybe $500 on a great device that would work for all components, analog and digital, and not limit the dynamics of my amp. Bring it on, fellas.
I tried the ACFX with my Krell about a year ago, and heard the same things. I tried a lot of power cords since, perhaps you recall that. I wound up really liking the Synergistic Reference power cord, more than the Shunyata Sidewinder or Black Mamba, more than the FIM Gold, more than all the rest (with either the Rogue or the Krell). I haven't bought one yet, because I want to find a used one, at least 8 feet long, and haven't found one. I've also bought two other cords, and can live with these, whether or not I find a used SR Reference. These are Purist Audio Colossus, and Audioquest AC-12.............I was told by the FIM salesperson, that the reason this "world's best cord" sounded bright and undynamic, was because my house power had too much noise, and that I needed to rewire everything before I could hear the benefits of their cord. Until I see a spectral graph of the noise in what they consider a "no noise" AC power feed, I'm inclined to think that they're full of bs, and that the cord filters noise essentially not at all. The fact is, in my system the FIM sounded almost exactly like the Black Mamba: bright, dynamically laid back, and quite noisy. Even the chump-change AC-12 is better than the FIM, imo.
The FIM sounded that way because of your choice of equipment. With other equipment, very suitable results will be present. Which dealer did you buy from Carl?
Jacks, you are entirely wrong about my choice of equipment being the reason (you don't even know what my equipment is), and what does it matter to you who the dealer was? You obviously are biased in favor of the FIM cabling (and perhaps have a personal bias against my participation in this forum), and so I have nothing more to say to you. I hear what I hear, and you hear, what you hear. I'm more than comfortable with that, and have supreme confidence in my own choices...and have had it for some time now.
G Thirteen Back on track, you might try the Audioprism again and see if it doesn't 'open up' over time. I use a Foundation 3 and haven't found it to constrict dynamics by much, even with a 400wpc Genesis amp and especially my EVo amps(or even my high current Pass monos--though I still prefer these direct to the wall with a good PC--using the BMI cords). The benefits far outweigh the slight drawback in my system and tastes.