Audiopoints vs Mapleshade brass cones

First of all, I currently have some sistrum stand for some of my components. Nice. Because of budget concerns, I can't afford another Sistrum stand; however, I might be able to swing a set of Mapleshade brass cones or 3 Audiopoints.

This is brass versus brass here; however it seems that the Audiopoints have a flat end while the Mapleshade cones have tips, so there might be a differenc.

Any recommendations?
Yes, look into Neuance shelving (spikes provided from what I have read) instead of cone points. I was over cone points (the multiple/variable adjustements used to drive me nuts) upon receiving/installing Neaunce shelves on my rack.

I owned/used Mapleshade cones previously and also tried borrowed "racing" cones (this is the only part of the name I recall, and suspect that this is not the exact name of the product).

Considering the retail price of the cone points I tried the Neuance shelves were a no brainer (after the fact). Still using the shelves a few years later on my rack with no regrets.
Parts express has some cheap cones that worked OK in my system made by Dayton that you can use points or take the points off for around $20 for 4 just for a holdover until you get some more funds.

Happy Listening.
Matchstikman, if you own a sistrum rack, then you should be somewhat familiar with Star Sound's Audio Points.

One should never assume that all points are created equal.

I have both Audiopoints and original Mapleshade Triple Points. So far, I like the Audiopoints better, but the Audiopoints are not for every application either. It's all relative. DeKay's suggesion is good--if your funds are limited try IKEA Lack tables.