Audiopoints or Walker tuning kit under a turntable

Interested in opinions.Did anyone compare? Also,3(without threads)or 4(with or without threads)Audiopoints? How well do both Audiopoints and Walker cones work anyway? Let's assume a medium mass suspensionless table(Spacedeck,for exmple).
I use the Audiopoints under my TT. I like them. I have not tried the Walker tuning kit.
I use the Sistrum (audiopoints) platform system under my cdp. Total of six points plus the frame. All serve to couple system beautifully. Awesome. Call Robert at He be da man over there. He'll set you free. peace, warren
I have used both.The way to go is Sistrum-SP-1 Platform.
Give Robert a call.
So, I just put this platform on the floor and the bloody table on top of it, right?
Cdp on platfrom--platform on your rack. Couple the rack to the floor with audiopoints as well. Now you're there. You could, also, inquire about their rack systems that do it all in one comprehensive resonance coupling system. They are, really, quite amazing and beautiful, to my eye, at least. Call Robert.
Oh, yes! It is a magnificent tool! The Walker tuning kit is absolutely the must for any serious analog listener. I’ve been rediscovers my entire analog collection 34 times already and I'm continue to rediscovering it with each touch of the wonderful Walker kit! It is so magnificent: now my TT has 114 ways to change sound: it is exactly as much people in Boston symphony orchestra… how smart and foreseeing Mr. Walker was!

It is so wonderful to tune the Walker legs under my TT and to convert Palestrina psalms into Mikel Jackson barking, Mozart’s music into Shostakovich’s barbarianism and Musorgsky’s chorus into the Patrica Barber meowing. Screw the conductors with their never fulfilled intentions! Me and my Walker’s legs under TT are the Masters of the Universe and we will set the freaking music straight!

Romy the Cat

PS: is it true that the Walker tuning kit can stop my Cat’s diarrhea if I place the kit under her liter box?
Re: the PS- One can only hope that it can and that it also comes with MUTE function.
Inna, I place 3 AudioPoints directly under my plinth, which raises the normal feet of the TT off the stand, so that the Audiopoints are the only things supporting it. I still use my normal homemade stand under it. I felt that the AudioPoints sounded better than either the BDR cones, or the Cocobolo cones that I tried previously. I have heard some rumors that Sistrum is going to develop a dedicated TT stand, but I don't know when that might be.
Thank you all.Twl,problem is that I don't have a dedicated turntable stand.I figure that putting a turntable on that Sistrum thing or just on 3 Audiopoints and keep it on the floor will be better than using a cheap rack with other pieces of equipment on it.Generally, I always thought that the best solution is when each piece is placed separately.I believe that rack,any one,is not exactly an audiophile item.What do you people think?
How about an IKEA Lack table and some KAB Sonic Domes? My recent experiences tell me to steer away from cones (in most applications). Brass is not a very good material for cones, BTW. It loses its sharp tip rather easily.
I have my cdp and my amp sitting upon 2 Sistrum SP 1 platforms. Both platforms are on an IKEA two shelf mini table/rack. Screwed into each leg of the table are 2" audipoints with the brass threaded insert. This system, short of the Sistrum's rack system, couples everything to mother earth. Ideally, you don't want wood in this equation, but space was a major factor. If I had the space, I would go with their (Sistrum) rack system. A $50 IKEA rack and $750 worth of Sistrum-- and I'm pretty, damn well, coupled to earth. Coupling is attainable. Isolation is not. peace, warren