Audiopoints for B W points up or down

just purchased some audiopoints to put between my matrix 805's and sound anchor stands seems to have really smoothed the sound out while increasing detail and dynamics does anyone have exprience with this and what are your preferences points up or down?
I definitely prefer the flat of the cone against the 805 and the point down at the Sound Anchor. The experiment to try is another type cone in that same position, as well as between the Sound Anchor stand and the floor. Are you using the brass points supplied by Sound Anchor in the floor position?
I am using the stock spikes provided by sound anchor on the bottom of the stand but I dont think they are brass they look too silvery. are you using the audiopoints on the bottom also?
I have the amp stand version of what you have, and the brass points I am using were the ones provided by Sound Anchor. They may be audiopoint brand, I do not know. The silvery ones you describe are most likely Sound Anchors steel version that are adjustable by threading them in and out and locking with a nut.

If you are satisfied with the present set up, I would not be too concerned. The only reason I brought up the subject of other cones was to suggest that the gains you got with a first time trial might even be improved by experimentation.