Audiopile hyperbole, reference, SOTA, ultimate and more...

This is not to be a put-down, just wanting to hear from my fellow Audiopiles on some 
of the hyperbole/over used non-tech terms used in advertising items on this site.  It 
would seem that many of us in this wonderful hobby have taken "creative writing" 

And there is always the condition  Mint, Like-New, ___ hours or less, 

This is to be fun, if you are offended...well then that is part of the fun. 

Or,...will take it to "the next level". 

"My loss is your gain" is always a warning for me.
Words are just the personality of the seller and do help in general. I really just care about the piece being sold and do my own research anyway. In the end I am fine with all the different marketing copy and creativeness. If the seller is trusted and a long time member of superb standing, then I also trust the words regardless of all the subjective interpretations of meaning and motive. I see or interpret no warning signals by the words alone.
Perhaps, for the rock trivia fans: 

"only used by a little old lady to listen to Beach Boy albums after driving her super stock Doge back from a Sunday service in Pasadena"