AudioPhysic Virgo in a large room?

I was surprised to hear from a dealer today that the Virgos are not a good speaker for a large room, 18x25 with 16ft ceiling. He suggested instead the Meadowlark Heron. Any experience with this would be appreciated.
I own them. They have quite a bit of output. An 18x25 room should be no problem. I have them set up in a 17x13 room, but I also listen to them while I work in my office which is approximatly 25 feet from the speakers. I listen at a little bit lower levels than most. I used to have Vandersteen 3's in the same area. The 3's could definitely put out higher sound levels.
I have had listened to the virgos in a room about your size with not quiete so high a ceiling and loved them. This idea about room size is a little overdone. listen to them in your room. As much as I like some of the smaller Meadowlarks, the Heron just doesn't work for me. It has a boomy bottom and nowhere near the natural coherence of the Virgos.
I was recently auditioning preamps in a large room (not quite as high of a ceiling as yours) and the Virgos sounded fabulous and I like my music loud. The system (Virgos, Classe Monoblocks, BAT CD and Rogue 99) made my music (all genres) sound the best I've heard it! I'm a Maggie owner and am hard to impress when it comes to box speakers, but the Virgos were excellent. FWIW, the synergy between the Virgos and 99 was unbelievable - the sound was much better than with a BAT 3VKi in the system.
I have not heard the Meadowlark Heron but I have owned the Virgos and used them in large rooms. 18x25 should be no problem. I found that larger rooms actually "loaded" the side-firing woofers of the Virgo much better than small rooms producing a more balanced sound. Also the soundstage was stunning, and I mean jaw-dropping. JM2CW.