Audiophiling With the Stars

Just got back from L.A. where I took several sit downs with power suits and pitched my latest idea. Those in on the talk have probably already heard the buzz, but in case your Blackberry was down, here goes:

Team up a well known audio writer with a past their prime B-list (or lower) celebrity and have them go to a ritzy audio salon to audition and "buy" an audiophile oriented system. The first part of the show is called "The Humiliation Game". We'll see if being a regular on "ATWT" in the early 90s or the long snapper on last Cowboys championship team gets you into the high end room. If the celeb gets in, they receive "spending dollars" and he/she proceeds to the next stage. In "The Audition" the B-lister will have been coached by the audio writer in all the latest audio talk and will be graded by a panel of experienced audiophiles on how well they describe the sound of the system they are listening to. The winner of this round then goes to the show's climax in "The Price" where the audio store owner gives the celeb the bill for the system they had just auditioned and the celeb is rated on their reaction. At the end of the season there is a playoff episode and the season finale's winner actually gets to keep the high end system of their choice.

Okay, so it's not original, but I was in L.A. They don't understand original there.

We ran a test show and there are some kinks to work out, but on the whole, the reaction was phenomenal. People particularly liked "The Price" section. The best reaction shot was when the actor who played the neighbor to George's parents in "Seinfield" shouted a profanity and then dropped to his knees clutching his stomach and wouldn't stop hysterically laughing for over 3 minutes. You can't fake that stuff. It's reality TV at its best.

Wish me luck, I'm expecting a callback any day now. If it goes over, the phrase "palpable soundstage depth" will be as popular as "You're fired!"
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I'd LOVE to see this.


Paul :-)
Wonder if I could land the job of shooting still images while this is in production?
Interesting concept - I'm not sure it will be the next big hit, but it is interesting. I would like to know what, say, Billy Joel has for an audio system. I also think it would be great to have a home theater/Audio show on one of the HGTV or DIY networks.
Playing the devils advocate one would say"How is a 50-100K stereo system going to come across on a 129$-999$ TV soundwise"??Being positive one would say your impressions sound excellent at this stage.I say best of luck in your venture,everything is possible in the land of milk and honey,Bob
Right now I'm listening to Frank S. singing "That's Life".

I'm so bummed! Less than 24 hours ago I was sittin' on top of the world. I had just gotten a verbal go that a well known British rock group (I can't say who for legal reasons) was going to allow one of their biggest hits to be the show's theme song. It seems that the sister of the admin of my agent knows one of the Twins (she never filed a paternity suit, but he did pay for her daughter's college - U.C. Irvine). The song would have been reworked to:
"I can't get no soundstage action..."
I was so happy. I was making my appointment at the Bentley dealer, but then I got the text message. A freakin' text message no less. The demographics look real bad. The show has no appeal to the critical 13-18 girl market and only limited appeal for both sexes in the 18-25 bracket. BUT THAT WASN'T THE WORST NEWS. Some guy named Corey with the backing of S. Dogg were starting production of "Pimp My Widescreen", a show aimed straight at the heart of the AV crowd. Apparently the audiophile market is to "fringe".

Talk about making a grown man cry! Sing the song Frank, sing the song.