audiophiles who are just getting the itch to upgrade

Hello, I am reaching out to the community of those audiophiles who are looking at this unprecedented time in our history to upgrade their components. Why? because we are now spending so much more time with our gear and looking for ways to improve it, because we can :-) My questions is this; if there was one component you could upgrade in my system, what would it be and why?
  • Linn Sonedek  LP 12 with Hercules board, Ittok II tonearm and Koetsu Black Cartridge
  •  Fritz Carbon 7 SE Speakers -
  • Audio Mirror Tubadour III NOS DAC with   Miflex KPUC caps(courtesy of Don Sachs) and the Z foil resistors
  • Cary Audio SL80- Signature 1 with VH audio Reference V-Cap CuTF output caps plus Cary volume IR upgrade and mains cap upgrades. Running Gold Lions KT88 matched tubes, Shuguang Treasure CV181Z - 6SN7 Pre-Driver/Phase Inverter tubes,  Sovtek NOS 6922 Input Buffer Preamp tubes and  WINGED "C" (SED) 5U4-G GREY PLATE tube
  • Manley Labs Chinook phono pre-amp
  • Cullen crossover series speaker cables and power cords
Well that's it and I know that are a lot of you in this community who have far more experience with matching systems and upgrades than I do. Thank you for your assistance and happy listening ! 
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LP12 is the classic bottomless money pit piece of kit to be found in the whole of audio.  

Basically an Ariston RD11 / Thorens TD150 endlessly milked thereafter. Once you're in deep it's damn difficult to cut your losses and get back out - but not impossible. The sheer cost of the upgrades is truly bewildering to anyone outside Linn marketing plc. They've been spewing the same old spiel for decades and decades.

For sure there are numerous high end turntables out there to chose from. I heard the Thorens TD1600 last year and was very impressed by the scale and authority of the sound, plus the impressive low noise floor.

However, it would be remiss not to consider other contenders from the Funk Firm, Rega, Garrard (restored), and particularly the extremely fuss free Technics decks with their astonishing specifications.

Personally I'd get the SL1200 for an end stop and an easy life and consider a future speaker upgrade - but that's a really tricky one which will involve a considerable amount of auditioning. 
@phill55. I think that a Linn with the spec that you mention, even after the upgrade cost, will be, at least imo, superior to other tables at the same price point. You may get a different flavor at this price point with, for example an SME,but I don’t think it will be superior sounding. OTOH, if you want to spend a lot more, then yes, there are other options available that would beat out this spec’ed Linn.
Nonetheless, all of this is my opinion, you would need to hear what your money buys for you with for example a VPI or other options...Rega? All else will be mere speculation on your behalf otherwise.
Your 6922 and 5U4G rectifier and output tubes are your 2 of you weakest links.
I’d start there.
If you want to change direction, you might want to check out some Fritz Carrera BE’s.  They might be the upgrade you are looking for. 
So I pulled the trigger. Traded in my Linn for VPI CLASSIC 3. Kept the Koetsu black cartridge. Chazzy 007, made a mistake,  I have E88CC TUNGSRAM tubes not.6922 and winged C 54u-g Grey plates. Is it still weak link? As for the Fritz Carrera BE, Fritz was kind enough to pair to try but I found new beryllium tweeters a little too forward. I believe he had run out of the revelator tweeters for the pair he made..bit LOVE FRITZ in point, I have over $13k in my system alone not including his speakers.  I could easily afford more expensive bookshelf speakers...but I just really enjoy the quality and natural sound of his speakers at a.price that no one has been able to match.