Audiophiles must be careful with their remotes, vs. items on ebay.

Yes, anyone can loose a remote especially when moving.  That said, I have never lost a remote and neither have any of my friends or relatives.  The thought is not AudiogoN, but the number of items missing remotes on ebay can make a person wonder about that unit's history and ownership. 

Kind of like a camera, car, computer, or other consumer item that are missing something....I can't say I have noticed much of that, but ebay audio components with missing remotes is fairly common.  I guess that should not be a concern, as I have lost a few ladies in my past.....I could swear they were just here a little while ago?

why the concern of what is sold over on ebay ?
I have bought and sold many items on ebay, and I would guess hundreds on AudiogoN have as well....simply a "heads up".  J
i think if someone is looking for a particular piece of equipment they will already know that a remote should come with it.

Why, oh why is it so hard to spell the word LOSE correctly??!!!!!
I think The OP meant to say - Anyone can have a loose remote ..., as in not tight. 
Stupid dogs think they are chew toys. Can't go the the remote store like when it happens to a phone.
You'll find that missing remote hanging out with the socks that escaped from the wash/dry interval....and that drug that got dropped and disappeared.  Yeah, that one that would likely be (if not lethal) a life-changing event for the pet....:-/
The last time I checked, my amplifier's new remote cost $400. Since I learned that, I have been taking very very good care of it. Who knows, maybe they did drop the price since then.

Hey. Lose n up.

Just push everything on a SL-600 and put the originals in a safe place.
A SL-600, or An SL-600?

(I am from the title of another thread)

By the way, R129 SL 600 (no hyphen) is still a candy.

Could be wrong but I suspect quite a few sellers intentionally withhold the remote and sell it separately at a later time. 
When my kids were little remotes used to disappear frequently. They were eventually found and sometimes in most unlikely places. Other things disappeared permanently - 
Yes,  comments on spelling, word usage and the like are critical to the success of AudiogoN. It is not really about sound or components, is is all about finding anyone making an error of any type and pointing it out.  Kind of like the "hall monitor" in grade school. 

"hall monitoris an extension of it's true meaning. someone who polices the halls and rats on fellow peers for petty power, self esteem and approval from elders. someone who gets off or generally thinks they are in charge by randomly busting you. self appointed judges of anything."
Hall Monitor? How insulting!

I prefer Grammar Superhero.....

By the way, you wrote ’is is’ instead of ’it is’.
Just thought I’d point that out...

Is there a story behind that capital N?
When I was your age,we didn’t have remotes! Now get off my lawn!! 
Careful glupson, or you will be joining me out in the hall...🖥
I am puzzled. Even Audiogon(N) website uses both versions of the name.
Once I was so pissed about all the remotes (prior to Harmony all in one) disappearing,  I went to Home Depot got the baddest Velcro I could find, cut a 2 foot square piece of plywood and stuck like 6 of them on the plywood.  Didn't bother to sand or stain it.  Still reeked of the saw blade blazing through it.
Set in on the footstool and smiled like I won the lottery.
Yes, using both Audiogon and AudiogoN was one of Arnie's last attempts to leave his mark or franc or peso on the site....
I thought the OP was was going somewhere along the lines of hinting that a piece available on eBay sans remote may have been obtained illegally, such as a smash and grab home invasion where the thief wasn’t being very picky about what they leave with
A good thief finds the remote first , then the component. Another good quality is definitely spelling. Get the right remote! The Sony goes with the Sony component, not the Sonny, or Sunny... etc.