Audiophiles in Caracas, Venezuela?

Well, after barely 2 years back in the US, it looks likt it might be time to move again. I am being asked to relocate to Caracas for a couple of years, and the probability is reasonably high that I will accept the transfer. So....anyone know anything about the audiophiel "scene" in Caracas? (retail stores, fellow audiophiles, etc)

can't say I do but I go fairly regularly to Trinidad & Tobago not too far away and their idea of "sterio" is "boxes" or very large homebrewed PA-type systems with 15"woofers in horn loaded enclosures with large horn tweeters, usually low quality (not JBL for example). When I tell my brother in law there about the high-end equipment here ($2000 and up minimonitors with 5" woofers) he is baffled and incredulous.