Has anyone purchased anything from Audiophile Liquidator? I am considering buying some speakers from them, but I am very hesitatant to buy them from this internet company.
see if they are willing to go through an escrow company.
I second that question. I'm not quite yet in the market but will be by the end of the year. I'm wondering if they're legit. Trustany1, would you mind reporting back on your experience.
They have NO listing on "Resellerratings" (.com) so I would stay away. Maybe they are just brand new, but no rating means no-one ever used, or heard of them.
Elizabeth, what a cool site, now if they only had we could really find out some useful information! anyone here the secret proprietor of this site by any chance?

It looks to me that in exchange for dealing with an unproven, unrated internet site....

that we get really insignificant savings on unimportant, mass produced, "mid fi" gear that if in the unlikely event we wanted any of it, could probably buy it at Circuit City or Best Buy for less??

The url got my attention but it was all downhill from there.
URL is down