Audiophile Wall Warts

Does anyone know of a source for audiophile wall warts? The electrical kind that is.
If you're talking about multi-taps, Virtual Dynamics sells a very nice 3 way splitter.
I am looking for one of those ugly black AC/DC transformers that plug directly into a wall socket and trail out some cheapo wire to the audio equipment. Is there anything better available?
You might want to log onto Ault and look around.

Good shopping!
Channel Island Audio makes a 9VAC/2.5amp (VAC3) and a 14VAC/1.44amp (VAC1) high current replacement power supply that may work to replace your wall warts. View here

Click on VAC1 and VAC3 on left side of page

Check the Volts and amps on your wall wart for a match, or contact them for recomendation

HTH Dave