Audiophile.Vinylphile Groups in Westchester, NY

I am interested in joing/starting an audiophile/Vinylphile group in Westchester County, NY. Not looking for anything formal, just an opportunity to share a bottle of wine or two, discuss audiophile stuff and listen to other people's equiptment and have them listen to mine and give their thoughts for improvement. If there already is such a group, I would be interested in the details. Otherwise, anyone interested should post me.

My equiptment is: Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable with a Dynavector tonearm and Dynavector DVX-1s cartridge, Dartzeel pre-amp and amp, Musical Fidelity Trivista SACD player, Evolution Acoustics MM3 speakers with Silversmith cables
Check out the following group:

We're a bunch of people throughout the NYC area, on Long Island, Queens, Connecticut & NJ. We generally meet once a month.

Nice guys all. Hope to see you at a meeting in the future.