Audiophile USB Type-C to Type-C

Help, I need a audio quality USB Type C to C cable: that is the one combination that Audioquest doesn't sell. I checked The Cable Co but to no avail. Amazon and Google turned up zilch. Does anyone know of a company that does make/sell them?

Since I know someone will ask "why?" I have a MacBook Pro which has only a single type-c socket. If I connect that directly to my DAC the power slowly runs down. I need a Type-C to Type-C to connect the MacBook to the dock and I already have a Audioquest Cinnamon Type-C to Type-B to connect the dock to the Rega DAC-R.  I'm currently using a non-audio quality cable and don't really want to stick an adapter on an Audioquest Type-C to Type-A but I will if that is the route.

Try this search for cables in general, though they may not  yield an Audioquest version:
Hi Erik, Thanks. I'd tried that search on Amazon, Google, plus a number of well known audio dealers. I had emailed the area rep for AQ and was impressed to get a response incide an hour. He contacted their product dev who got back with the update:

AQ was a bit late with the USB C cables that are available; we are only now finalizing C-to-C designs.

There definitely will be C-to-C cables, probably mid-summer 2019 — and they will be very good :-)

While it doesn’t directly address the question, an AudioQuest A-to-C cable used in combination with AQ’s ideal no-wire A-to-C hard adaptor is an excellent high-performance option”.